A well-meaning person gives you a .nrg file and you will not invest in a piece of expensive bespoke software to read it. After all, you run free, open-source software and never have and never will pay for software. What to do with this stupid .nrg file?

A .nrg file is a Nero Image file which holds the image of a CD or DVD. To read it and to write it to a CD or DVD under Windows, you need to install the Nero program. It is not free.


Install the nrg2iso program, which converts a .nrg file to a .iso file. On Gentoo and its derivatives, it is done as follows:

# emerge nrg2iso

Then run the program against the offending file to get a usable .iso file.

# nrg2iso infile.nrg outfile.iso
outfile.iso written : 391426204 bytes

Mount the resulting .iso file in, say, the /mnt/image directory:

# mkdir /mnt/image
# mount -o loop -t iso9660 outfile.iso /mnt/image

Check that image's content:

# ls /mnt/image

Use any of a number of free Linux programs to burn the resulting .iso file to a CD or DVD.

My favourite CD/DVD writing program? Why, K3B of course!