A Collection of Coding Rules gathered over the years...



MySQL - a cheap and cheerful open-source database. But if you have the money and you want real performance, scalability and control, then Oracle should be your first choice.

Useful tricks to get the most of this Reporting tool

Joomla Components and documentation

My collection of HowTo's on Linux. My favourite Linux Distribution is Gentoo www.gentoo.org for servers and Sabayon www.sabayonlinux.org for desktop machines and laptops.

Approaches and code for SSIS 2005 - the ginger-haired stepchild of Microsoft
Evil things that you can do with an evil O/S.
Practical Extraction and Report Language, initially designed for processing text, but now used for nearly everything. It is the language that glues the Internet together. Above all, it is a joy to use.
Grizzly experiences from using an Oracle Database.