If you want to install Perl on Windows or do anything vaguely sophisticated in the brain-dead command line shell of Windows (a.k.a. the DOS prompt), then you need a collection of commonly used UNIX utilities that can run under Windows.

I have put together such a collection of the most popular UNIX utilities and a few other command-line programs. Most of these are GPL-licensed (i.e. open source) and the remaining few are free-ware (but not open source). Either way, you can do with these programs whatever you want.

You can download the bundle of utilities from here.

These utilities are particularly useful for installing Perl on your Windows PC. Download Perl for Windows from http://www.activeperl.com


  • Unzip the downloaded zip file into C:\ 
  • Go to Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables and set your system path to include C:\Utils.
  • Open the Windows command shell and type a UNIX-like command like 'ls' to test that you have installed it correctly.

List of Utilities
This is the list of the UNIX Utilies bundled in this package:

agrep fmt paste sleep
ansi2knr fold patch sort
basename fsplit pathchk split
bc gawk pclip stego
bison gclip portmon su
bunzip2 gplay pr sum
bzip2 grep printenv sync
bzip2recover gsar printf tac
cat gunzip ps tail
chgrp gzip psexec tar
chmod head psfile tee
chown hexedit psgetsid test
cksum hostname psinfo tmake
cmp id pskill touch
comm indent pslist tr
compress install psloggedon type
cp join psloglist uname
csplit jwhois psservice unexpand
cut kill psshutdown uniq
date less pssuspend unix2dos
dc ln psuptime unshar
dd logname putty unzip
df ls pwd uudecode
diff lynx rawrite uuencode
diff3 m4 rdev wc
dircolors make redir wget
dirname makemsg regclean which
dos2unix man regmon whoami
du md5sum restorrb whois
echo md5sum rm winscp321
egrep mkdir rmdir xargs
env mkfifo sdiff yes
expand mknod sed zcat
expr mv seq zip
factor mvdir serviceadd
fdwrite ncftpget servicedel
fgrep nl servicelist
find od shar