How to Kill a Rainy Day in London


In 1996 I had a flight from Heathrow (worst airport in the world)  to Bombay, India (second-worst airport in the world) cancelled in the morning but could catch a flight in the evening. I did not want to go back home for a few hours only to repeat the trip later on the day, so I decided to kill a day in the tourist sites of London (even though I lived close to London). I had an inkling that I would soon move to the USA, so in a way this was a sentimental pilgrimage.


It was a rainy day so I went to indoor-ish places and ended up in Harrods which, incidentally, is owned by a quite mad Egyptian with a persecution complex and an ongoing battle with the establishment, whatever that might be.


Image Now, Harrods is a fine place with very nice and expensive things for sale, such as truffle sausage for £250 a pound. It is also a place frequented by people with more money than common sense, who go there to redress their fiscal vs. IQ imbalance. I don't normally go there, because my fiscal vs. IQ imbalance lies the other way.


I decided to play a little game at the expense of the Old Egyptian: What is a cheapest thing one can buy in Harrods?


I soon found it: There, at the cigar humidor next to the £150 Cuban cigars were boxes of matches at 10p a box! Bet you can't do any better! So I bought a real box of Harrods matches and impressed lots of nice people in India.