The need for dirty little Windows hacks that only be done in crude DOS batch scripts still crop up on a regular basis for system integrators. Here's one that vexes many hardened hackers: What is the simplest and cleanest way to send a file to an FTP server using a batch script?

If you want to install Perl on Windows or do anything vaguely sophisticated in the brain-dead command line shell of Windows (a.k.a. the DOS prompt), then you need a collection of commonly used UNIX utilities that can run under Windows.

I have put together such a collection of the most popular UNIX utilities and a few other command-line programs. Most of these are GPL-licensed (i.e. open source) and the remaining few are free-ware (but not open source). Either way, you can do with these programs whatever you want.

You can download the bundle of utilities from here.

These utilities are particularly useful for installing Perl on your Windows PC. Download Perl for Windows from