Ag pleeze uncle Bill take uz to the drive-in

This product was obviously developed in a hurry. Common sense, consistency and usability was sacrificed for early market entry. The price that I have paid on a number of SSIS projects to date is quite high due to unforeseen delays, unpredictable behaviour and inflexibility of the components provided. Here is my wish list (please, Uncle Bill? Huh?) of missing features and major defects that would have profoundly improved SSIS. I feel that most of these could have easily been added, if only someone had stood back and thought about the thing for a minute: 


The list continues, even while I sleep.


A note of Lamentation:

Visual Studio was, not so many years ago, my favourite development environment and I produced legions of C++ code in it. It hardly ever crashed, was very fast (even on a 100MHz machine running NT3.1) and was nearly as rich in features as today's 2005 Edition. Some things get better, other things get worse, it seems.