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I have been working on an Enterprise scheduler for the last 5 years and have managed to build it into a number of large software projects over this time - every time with performance and usability improvements and, of course, with fewer defects.

The Enterprise Scheduler is now mature and ready for industrial deployment as a self-contained product. It has also been given a proper product name: TaskNRG. OK, so it sounds like a bad 1980's dance-mix, but compare it to the name of an already well-known scheduler, Autosys, which sounds...well, not very cool either.

In fact, the TaskNRG scheduler is going to form the core of a new business venture.  What does this mean?  At the very least, it means a dedicated website, so here it is: www.tasknrg.co.uk. Further significances will be published here as things crystalize out of the deep mists of the future.