A bad year for apples, but I managed to snaffle a few. for this year's offering of cider.


Autumn 2011's cider is ready! Chrystal clear, effervescent like champagne, somewhat tart, necessarily a little alcoholic, and never sweet. The label reads:

Ye fyne vintage from the year of our Lorde 2011 on the day 1 October. Made from the fruite pilfer'd of ye olde Apple treese from yonder twee village of Balcombe, West Sussex

Rotted by Master Apple-Rotterer, Gerrit.

Guaranteed to crush scull, rot gut, loose memory, succumbe from ye olde gout. ASBO Knighthood optional.

And great on cornflakes for breakfast!

Why is there no English phrase for "Bon Appétit"?

This was explained to me by a French colleague: Because the British cuisine is so woefull.