A Fairytale Story of SSIS

A not-so-long time ago,


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SSIS 2005 - Tales from the Trenches

Should you use SSIS 2005 for your precious ETL project?

Should you let your child keep an aligator as a pet?

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SSIS Gotchas

Remedies range from rebooting to frontal lobotomies. 

Software Detective Bignose investigates more Bizarre cases of malfeasance & malfunction in the obtuse world of SSIS 2005.

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How to BSOD your development PC with SSIS

Download this project and open it in Visual Studio 2005. Open the Data Flow tab and behold:


A corrupted XML file is the cause. (Surely, neither Windows XP nor Visual Studio should react so violently?)


SSIS 2005 Wish List

Ag pleeze uncle Bill take uz to the drive-in

This product was obviously developed in a hurry. Common sense, consistency and usability was sacrificed for early market entry. The price that I have paid on a number of SSIS projects to date is quite high due to unforeseen delays, unpredictable behaviour and inflexibility of the components provided. Here is my wish list (please, Uncle Bill? Huh?) of missing features and major defects that would have profoundly improved SSIS. I feel that most of these could have easily been added, if only someone had stood back and thought about the thing for a minute: 

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